Reaction Haslemere on press release Evia Real Estate and Vastgoedcomfort

Haslemere NV has become aware of a press release apparently issued by two companies named Evia Real Estate BV and Vastgoedcomfort BV announcing that they intend to make a bid for all the shares in the capital of Haslemere N.V. at EUR 67.00 per share.

Haslemere has not had any discussions with either Evia Real Estate BV or Vastgoedcomfort BV and does not know the identity and particulars of any of these companies. Haslemere received an e-mail from these companies on Monday 18 March 2002, to which our lawyers responded on Tuesday 19 March inviting them to contact the CompanyÂ's financial advisers. Nothing further was heard.

Any public offer for the shares of a company listed at Euronext Amsterdam can only be made in accordance with applicable rules in the Netherlands. One of these rules is that no such contemplated offer can be made unless the potentail bidder has informed the target company of its intention to publish the price for the shares of the target company and invited the target company to enter into consultations with the potential bidder regarding such price, regarding the motives underlying the potential offer and the policies the potential biddet is intending to follow with respect to the target company and the method of financing the potential offer. No such invitation has been made by Evia Real Estate BV and vastgoedcomfort BV to Haslemere.

Haslemere has informed the Authority FM and Euronext AMsterdam about these developments. Authority FM confirmed that they did not receive any press releasefrome the afore-mentioned companies.

Haslemere N.V. continues to support the intended offer of B.C.R.E. (Brack Capital Real Estate) BV as announced in the press release of 12 March 2002, the offer document for which is expected to be published before the end of March 2002.

(source: Haslemere)

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