Presentation of masterplan Belv

On May, 26 the municipality of Maastricht, ING Real Estate and BPF Bouwinvest - on behalf of BPF Bouw - presented the masterplan Belvédère. With 280 hectare the plan Belvédère is the largest and one of the most complicated restructuring projects in the Netherlands. The masterplan consists of the development of about 4,000 houses and 75,000 to 100,000m² office space.

Belvédère is the last large building site in Maastricht. The area is situated in the northwest of Maastricht’s downtown and reaches the Belgian border at Lanaken. The development of the total surface will take 20 to 25 years and will require an investment of several billions of euro.

The restructuring of the area is focussed on several themes, amongst which the realization of about 4,000 houses (for rent and for sale), according to the house-construction statement of Maastricht; the building of offices, stores and other facilities; an improvement of the accessibility and a revaluation of the public space.

Approximately 70% of the houses are apartments and 30% are ground bound units. Most of the offices will be built alongside the Binnensingel. For the existing activity, new space will be created in order to realize a continuous growth and innovation. Environmentally harmful situations will be cleaned up. Cultural facilities and leisure will be concentrated in the surroundings of ’t Bassin and in the two newly laid out parks (the Frontenpark and the Steilrandpark). Stores will be developed in several sites in Belvédère. The large-scale retail (20,000 m²) will be situated preferably as close as possible to the core store area, in order to realize a natural overflow of Maastricht’s downtown to Belvédère. For peripheral retail (35,000 m²) space is reserved on good accessible sites in the surroundings of the Noorderbrug, which will be diverted, and the to be constructed Bosscherlaan, which parts in the direction of Belgium.

Since the period of validity of the development plan is 10 years, the development will be divided in two phases. The first phase consists of the construction of approximately 2,000 houses and 40,000 m² office space. Cultural facilities and retail will be developed in the surroundings of ’t Bassin. On June 23, the municipal council of Maastricht will take a definitive decision about the plans and the cooperation.

Source: PropertyNL

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