Port of Amaterdam keeps growing

Goods transhipments via the Port of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Beverwijk and IJmuiden/Velsen) grew by 3% to reach 35.9 million tons for the first half of 2002, the Amsterdam Port Authority reported, and expects to close the full year with yet another record.

Transhipment via the combined North Sea Canal ports under the Port of Amsterdam umbrella increased across all cargo categories. Over the first half of 2002, liquid bulk increased by 3.6% compared with the same period last year to 8.8 million tons. Dry bulk movement grew by 3.4% to 23.6 million tons and general cargo saw a slight increase (0.8%) to reach a total of 3.5 million tons.

Hans Gerson, Executive Director of the Amsterdam Port Authority, is pleased with the results. Â'This means we are one of the best operating ports in the Hamburg-Le Havre range,Â' he said. Â'By the looks of it we should once again close with a record, hopefully transhipping over 70 million tons of goods by year end.Â'

Gerson underscored that the ongoing growth clearly shows that Amsterdam is becoming ever more significant to the national economy, but expressed concern about limits to this growth because there is only one wide lock at the coastal port of IJmuiden.

Though the plan for a second lock has yet to gain the support of central government, he made an urgent appeal for its construction, particularly as cargo vessels are increasing in size: Â'If we want to maintain the great employment rate and the levels of added value the port generates, we will soon have to come to a decision on the construction of a second, major lock at IJmuiden,Â' Gerson said.

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(source: Port of Amsterdam)

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