NoordzeeWind chosen to build wind park at sea

The Commission Near Shore Windpark advised the Minister of Economic Affairs, mrs. Jorritsma, to chose NoordzeeWind as its partner to build the very first Near Shore Windpark (NSW) in the North Sea.

It is the unanimous decision of the Commission that NoordzeeWind has the best project proposal. NoordzeeWind, a cooperation between Shell and Nuon, is one of the four consortia, which came to the Project Bureau CO2-Reduction Plan with a proposal to build and operate the wind park.

Apart from producing green energy, the object of the project is to accumulate experience and knowhow in the construction of wind turbine parks further at sea, beyond the twelve-mile zone.

This wind park will be build some 10 kilometers off the shore of Egmond aan Zee. NoordzeeWind will build 36 wind turbines at sea, each with a capacity of 2.75 mW. Operation of the park is expected to last 20 years, after which it will be demolished.

(source: Ministery of Economic Affairs)

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