Nine Laurus shareholders request investigation into Laurus' management

On 6th May 2002 nine shareholders of Laurus NV put forward a request to the ‘OndernemingskamerÂ', Amsterdam in which the court is asked to order an investigation into LaurusÂ' management and operations over the period as from 1 January 2000.

Apart from the request for an investigation the Ondernemingskamer is asked to impose on Laurus one or more of the following provisional measures, during the court case:

- Prohibition to (further) execute the agreement with Casino and the banks;
- Suspension of the present members of the Board of Supervisory Directors and appointment of at least 3 new Supervisory Directors;
- Suspension of the interim chairman of the Board of Management (Mr. J.M. Hessels) and appointment of a new chairman of this board.

(source: Laurus)

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