New name for distinct project in The Hague: 'Grotiustoren'

As a result of the terrible attack on the Twin Towers in New York, it was immediately decided to change the name of the Multi Vastgoed 'Twin Tower' office project in the Hague. The new name selected is “Grotiustoren”.

The “Grotiustoren” will appear at the most prominent place in The Hague. As the highest building on the Grotiusplaats in development (97 metros), the “Grotiustoren” will mirror the Palace of Justice.

The “Grotiustoren” will consist of three structures. First of all, a 3-level structure with a gallery located right next to the new square, in which a winter garden, commercial spaces and office areas are included. Then there will be two office towers of 16 and 25 levels respectively, which will be connected to one another at the 13th and 16th stories. The façades of the high tower will be natural stone; those of the low tower will be brick. A two-level parking garage will be built underneath the building.

Construction will begin in the first half of 2002. At the moment Multi Vastgoed is discussing the lease with several parties. The “Grotiustoren” will be handed over in 2004.

(source: Multi Development Corporation)

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