Modest quarterly growth manufacturing industry

Dutch manufacturing industry had a slightly higher production in the second quarter of 2002 than in the first quarter. When adjusted for seasonal effects, production grew by 0.3 percent, the first quarterly rise since the fourth quarter of 2000. According to preliminary figures from Statistics Netherlands, production was nevertheless 3.5 percent lower than in the second quarter of 2001.

First increase in production since 18 months
In the second quarter of 2002, industrial production grew by 0.3 percent compared to the first quarter. In the first quarter production was still dwindling, after substantial decline in the third and fourth quarter of 2001. The fourth quarter of 2000 was the last quarter to show an increase in production.

The production in the petroleum, chemical, rubber and metal industry was largely accountable for the increase in the second quarter. In the other branches of manufacturing industry, production fell again in comparison to the previous quarter.

Decrease in production metal industry less substantial in June In June 2002, industrial production was 3.0 percent down on June 2001. For the second month running, the decrease in production in the metal industry was less substantial. In June, metal industry produced 5.2 percent less than in the previous year; in April, the corresponding percentage was 11.0. Metal industry accounts for approximately a third of the total industrial production.

For the sixth month in a row, the production in the petroleum, chemical, rubber and metal industry was higher than the year before. This branch, which accounts for approximately twenty percent of the total industrial production, usually sets the economic trend. In the other branches of industry production was lower than in June 2001.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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