Mammoet and Van Oord building a wind farm at sea

The companies Mammoet and Van Oord ACZ are to cooperate in installing an entire wind farm at sea. The joint undertaking Mammoet Van Oord has already gained a large order in Denmark, the two have announced.

Mammoet and Van Oord will have a majority interest in the undertaking. The crane company Hovago Cranes and the maritime hoisting company Marine Construct are also shareholders. The first order involves the transportation and erection of eighty 165-ton, 33-metre high windmill foundations for the largest offshore wind farm in the world. The Danish wind farm, opening at the end of July, will have a 150 megawatt capacity.

Mammoet is an international specialist in the field of complex hoisting and transportation projects. Last year the company gained considerable attention through the raising of the Russian nuclear submarine the Kursk. Van Oord ACZ is a major contractor in the field of dredging, coastal and shore works and in installation activities at sea.

(source: Port of Rotterdam - Portpress)

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