KPN Telecom, BAM NBM Infratechniek and Volker Stevin Telecom team up to build future-proof telecom n

BAM NBM Infratechniek bv, Volker Stevin Telecom bv and KPN Telecom are joining forces to build and operate telecom networks. The three parties have signed a cooperation agreement to that effect.

BAM NBM Infratechniek and Volker Stevin Telecom are to build, manage and maintain the access networks for designated residential developments (VINEX locations and other large-scale housing schemes). On behalf of the joint venture a new company will be established under the name of TriLink. KPN Telecom will lease the telecom networks from TriLink and provide telecom services to end-users.

The cooperation reflects the following four objectives:
1. To act on future developments in the area of broadband network services
2. To offer an open structure that is accessible to all service providers (both KPN and non-KPN)
3. To build a network concept that is easy to manage and expand
4. To secure financing from other non-traditional parties (BAM NBM Infratechniek and Volker Stevin Telecom).

TriLink will market a new network design that responds to the growing demand for bandwidth. Glass fibre is the key. The new housing estates will be provided with copper-wire lines for voice as well as being fully prepared for connection to the glass fibre network. The new infrastructure will enable KPN Telecom to offer residents a cost-effective option for linkage to the glass fibre telecom network without requiring any extra excavations (Fibre to the Home).

KPN Telecom will acquire long lease rights on the network from the two other stakeholders in TriLink, BAM NBM Infratechniek and Volker Stevin Telecom.

The chosen form of cooperation supports the strategies of both BAM NBM Infratechniek and Volker Stevin Telecom, in helping them secure a position in the value chain that goes further than the traditional role of the contractor. A goal, which they aim to achieve by undertaking their own development projects and working with innovative contract forms.

The initiative is a boost to KPN Telecom’s own strategy, which is to create value within the (broadband) access network through (long-term) strategic alliances with other parties in the value chain.

KPN Telecom, in conjunction with TriLink, expects to be able to connect the first 8,000 houses to the new network this year.

(source: KPN)

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