KFN buys first office on Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam

Oosterdokseiland Development Amsterdam C. V. (a joint venture of MAB/Bouwfonds Property Finance) and investor KFN will sign the turnkey agreement today for the sale of 10,000m² of offices on the Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam.

KFN buys the first office that MAB will realize on the Oosterdokseiland (ODE) in Amsterdam. The offices are part of the first phase of the developments on ODE. The activities for the parking under the office will start mid July 2004.

Chief government architect Jo Coenen is the responsible architect for this parcel, on which the new public library of Amsterdam and a restaurant will be built. The architectural design of this parcel is monumental and will be built with a light limestone in combination with glass, wood and steel. The parking has been designed by the Amsterdam company Zwarts & Jansma. The offices, the library and the restaurant will probably open mid 2007.

ODE will encompass more than 200,000m² of new developments, amongst wich are the new Public Library, the Amsterdam Conservatory and the European-Asian trade center. Furthermore, a hotel/conference center of 25,000m², 336 residences, 15,500m² of stores and catering industry, 80,000m² of office space, 49,000m² of cultural and leisure facilities, 1,540 covered parking spaces and a bicycle storage with 2,500 places will be realized on ODE.

ODE is a development of Oosterdokseiland Development Amsterdam C.V. (O.O.A. C.V.), a joint venture of MAB and Bouwfonds Property Finance in cooperation with New Chinatown (NCT C.V.) and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Source: PropertyNL

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