IVG with new London real estate fund (DE/UK)

IVG Immobilien AG soon starts to sell the real estate fund "EuroSelect 11". The minimum participation in the office property "Moorgate" in the City of London is EUR 15,000. It is situated in the heart of the banking district and was built in 2002. The tenant of the 14,100 square metres is the investment bank JP Morgan Cazenove Ltd - part of one of the largest global banking groups.

Again, IVG has paid great attention to the high security of the investment when designing the fund concept: the leasing agreement with JP Morgan Cazenove runs until 2027, the tenant has a single special right of termination in 2018. The building will be supported by IVG's London branch during the term of the fund.

The initial dividend is six percent, the personal tax allowance of the equivalent of approximately €7,300 enables investors from Germany to collect yields which are almost tax free up to a participation level of €75,000.

The high investor flexibility of the EuroSelect line is retained: in the event of personal emergencies, IVG will take back the share in the fund. In addition, the Meeting of Shareholders can resolve a listing on an organised secondary market. Shares in EuroSelect 11 can be traded on the fixed-interest security exchanges in Dusseldorf (GEFOX) and Hamburg (Fonds-X).

The quality of IVG's EuroSelect fund was recently confirmed by the independent rating agency Scope. The Bonn company was awarded the Scope Award for the best issuing house in the segment of closed-end European real estate funds. The verdict of the jury: "IVG Immobilien AG has revived Europe as an investment destination over the past 18 months with the EuroSelect series. High product quality combined with strategic vision have made the issuing house the market leader in this segment within an extremely short period of time."

Source: IVG

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