International trade down again

The value of goods imported and exported from the Netherlands was lower in June 2002 than in June 2001. Ever since September 2001 imports and exports have been in decline.

According to preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands, the value of exported goods dropped by 6 percent compared to June 2001 to reach almost 20 billion euro. The value of imported goods was almost 17 billion euro, 11 percent down on June last year. Falling producer prices partly account for this reduction.

EU exports dwindling
In June 2002, the value of Dutch exports to EU countries was almost 15 billion euro, 10 percent down on June 2001. The value of imported goods from EU member states was nearly 10 billion euro in the same month, 6 percent down on June 2001. Over the first six months of 2002, exports decreased by 9 percent, imports by 7 percent. The trade surplus with the EU countries over the same period was more than 31 billion euro.

Non-EU exports on the increase
Whereas total exports decreased in June, the exports to countries outside the EU rose by 7 percent to nearly 5 billion euro compared with June 2001. Imports from non-EU countries fell by 16 percent to reach more than 7 billion euro. Over the first six months of 2002, exports to non-EU countries increased by 2 percent, whereas imports decreased by 13 percent. The trade deficit with countries outside the EU over the first six months of this year amounted to nearly 17 billion euro.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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