International trade continues to fall

In February 2002 the value of exported goods fell by 5% on February 2001 to almost 19 billion euro, according to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands. The value of imports in February fell by 8%, and amounted to over 16 billion euro.

In the year-on-year comparisons the export value fell for the seventh and the import value for the sixth month in a row. In February the decrease in both imports and exports was smaller than in the previous three months. The drop in value can be explained in part by the fact that producer prices were lower.

Less trade with EU countries
In February 2002 the Netherlands exported over 14 billion euro worth of goods to other EU countries. This is 7% less than in February 2001. Imports are down 5% on a year ago, amounting to nearly 10 billion euro.

The imports from EU countries outside the Eurozone (UK, Denmark and
Sweden) fell more sharply in February (-17%) than the imports from countries within the Eurozone (-2%).

More exports to non-EU countries
While the total export fell in February, the exports to countries outside the EU increased by 1% on February 2001. This brings the series of six months of uninterrupted sliding to a halt. These exports in February were worth over 4 billion euro. The imports fell by 13% on February 2001 and are valued at close to 7 billion euro.

(soorce: Statistics Netherlands)

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