Heijmans acquires Dubbers-Malden, Franki, Hannover

Heijmans N.V. (construction and related activities) expects to reach an agreement regarding the acquisition of the shares of Dubbers-Malden B.V. in Malden (Gelderland), as well as the assets of Franki Grundbau GmbH in Hannover and of the Grafenwöhr branch (near Neurenberg) from Philipp Holzmann.

A letter of intent has been signed by Heijmans and the official receiver.

Heijmans is also interested in other financially healthy divisions of Philipp Holzmann and is engaged in discussions with the official receiver concerning the possible acquisition of primarily the divisions located in the western part of Germany. There will be a further investigation into the possibility of acquiring these divisions in the weeks ahead.

Heijmans prefers to acquire healthy activities via assets transactions. These transactions would fit in with the strategy of developing into a European player, by among other things strengthening the market position in the Netherlands and in Germany through the acquisition of healthy (divisions of) companies.

The acquisition of the above companies will contribute directly to the earnings per share of Heijmans N.V.

Profile Dubbers Malden
Dubbers-Malden B.V. is active in the field of construction (including bridges and tunnels) and foundations in the Netherlands. The company is profitable and in 2001 it had 110 permanent employees and achieved turnover exceeding EUR 30 million.
Heijmans and Dubbers-Malden B.V. have previously worked together on projects including the construction of the bridge over the Waal River near Zaltbommel. Upon finalization of the proposed transaction the company will form part of the Heijmans Concrete Construction and Hydraulic Engineering division.

Profile Franki Grundbau
Franki Grundbau GmbH in Hanover carries out activities in the field of foundations and concrete constructions. In 2001 the company achieved turnover of more than EUR 40 million. Franki has 160 employees and is profitable.

Profile Grafenwöhr branch
The Grafenwöhr branch of Philipp Holzmann is active in the Munich region. Among other things it is a service provider to the American military in Germany. In 2001 the company had 130 employees and achieved turnover of EUR 20 million. The Grafenwöhr branch is profitable.

(source: Heijmans)

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