HBG wins US$ 131 million joint venture contract for freeway near Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.

HBG Flatiron, Inc. [a division of HBG Constructors, Inc.] in joint venture with Lane Construction Co, was awarded a contract to build 11 miles of six-lane freeway and 23 bridge structures near Raleigh, North Carolina. The joint venture is 60% HBG Flatiron and 40% Lane Construction Co.

The bridges are located at 15 separate sites and include both pre-cast concrete girder and steel girder bridges up to 16 spans in length, installed on drilled pier foundations. The project will be called the Â'Knightdale BypassÂ'. The new freeway will relieve traffic congestion along US highway 64 for local commuters and other travellers in eastern Wake county North Carolina.

This project, worth US$131 million, will be constructed as a design-build project. HBG’s guaranteed completion date of 30 December 2004 is seven months earlier than the required completion of 1 August 2005.

(source: HBG)

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