Haslemere: dividend proposal 2001

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Haslemere N.V. of 22 July 2002, the Supervisory and Management Boards will propose to declare a dividend over the financial year 2001 of GBP 2.79 per share.

Should this proposal be adopted by the shareholders, the shares will be quoted ex-dividend as from 23 July 2002.

The dividend will be payable in cash, less 25% withholding tax, from 25 July 2002. The dividend will be paid in Euros and for the purpose the sterling amount will be converted at the rate advised by the European Central Bank for 23 July 2002 on its Internet site. In view of the dividend withholding tax in the Netherlands (25%), the cash dividend amounts per share will be rounded in Euro cents divisible by 4.

(source: Haslemere)

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