German investors remain active on international real estate market

Ebs ImmobilienkammerÂ's study, presented yesterday at TroostwijkÂ's annual real estate conference in Scheveningen, the Netherlands, showed that the large German institutional investors remain very active on the international real estate investment markets. Of GermanyÂ's foreign investments 24.7% is invested in the Netherlands.

Next to France the Netherlands is favourite with German investors. Fifty percent of German investors consider the Dutch real estate market as stable. Over the next three years German investors will invest between € 700 mln to € 1.5 bln during 2002, and between € 450 mln to € 1.5 bln each during the next two years. There is a clear preference for rented new complexes (offices and retail). German investors are more positive towards the Dutch office market than their Dutch counterparts. 77% considers the office market as stable.

According to ing. M.A. Snijders, director of Troostwijk Makelaars O.G., prices for office complexes, shopping malls and housing projects will not decline short term due to the continued demand, the low interest rates and the present situation on the stock markets. The quality of the tenant however, will play an increasing role. Risk construction will diminish as it appears to be difficult to find buyers for these objects.

(source: Troostwijk)

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