Garbe begins €50m redevelopment project in Duisburg (DE)

Garbe begins €50m redevelopment project in Duisburg (DE)

Garbe Industrial Real Estate GmbH has begun the redevelopment of a 56,000m2 brownfield site in the Meiderich district of Duisburg, Germany.


The site, which Garbe acquired over two years ago, was previously used by the steel industry and is located on the Zeus site. The project aims to create a multi-user park of around 29,000m2 for commercial and logistics use. The construction is scheduled to start in Q1 of 2024, with a total investment of c. €50m.


Garbe Industrial Real Estate will carry out additional special foundation measures to deal with the unfavourable building ground, due to the high water content in the areas where blast furnace slurry ponds were created during pre-industrial use. The multi-user park is expected to be completed by December 2024, and will feature two multi-user halls, two commercial park blocks, and a photovoltaic system to generate renewable energy.


"Free space in the western Ruhr conurbation is in extremely short supply − and the demand for modern commercial real estate is correspondingly high," said Maik Zeranski.

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