Start: Tuesday, 8 November 2022
End: Wednesday, 9 November 2022
Category: Retec Europe, uk, birmingham, retail, event
Venue: National Exhibition Centre
Location: Birmingham, UK
Organiser: ReTec Europe

ReTec Europe at the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, offers “a breadth and depth of opportunities” to engage with key retailers not found at any other event.

ReTec Europe is a new expo for a new era. It is easy to access, more convenient, flexible, cost-effective; and it provides sponsors and delegates with more options to engage with all players from the European retail scene.

Atendees will get to see presentations and technology demonstrations by some of the best and brightest minds in retail, from across Europe and the rest of the world. At Retec technology and education are only one part of the story, because ReTec also offers a breadth and depth of opportunities to engage with key retailers not found at any other event.

Private dining opportunities are available for exhibitors to have professionally hosted parties of 20–30 key clients and prospects in exclusive locations the night before the expo starts.

Whilst all retail technology vendors are welcome to exhibit, this free-to-attend expo provides financial incentives to those launching new products, or providing delegates with unique experiences and opportunities at the event.