Start: Tuesday, 27 September 2022
End: Friday, 30 September 2022
Category: Placemaking Week Europe 2022, real Estate, placemaking Europe, event
Venue: Tbd
Location: Pontevedra, Spain
Organiser: Placemaking Europe

The Placemaking Week 2022 is annually organized by Placemaking Europe. PMWE 2022 is a conference and a festival, which monitors and celebrates the positive impact of placemaking in European cities. This event offers relevant and up-to-date information on city models, European climate protection policies, local, and international urban transformative processes. The host city of this event is itself a city model, which has already undergone a transformative process by prioritizing pedestrians over motorised vehicles. With more than 400 European visitors, this conference provides access to reliable information derived from diverse fields connected to placemaking. Amongst the topics to be covered in PMWE 2022 are placemaking solutions, tactical urbanism, real-life applications in Placemaking, and more.