Euronext: turnover and trades in shares up 7.6 and 14.7% from April 2001

Strong and steady growth of NextTrack activity

Share trading through Euronext NV orderbooks totalled €142 billion in April 2002, up 7.6% from April 2001, and up 0.2% from the previous month. Daily average trading in April 2002 was €6.8 billion.

Trades in equity products through Euronext’s market systems totalled 10,086,170 in April 2002, up 14.7% from April 2001 and slightly down 0.6% from the previous month. Year-to-date trades in equity products totalled 40,063,236, up 0.8% on the same period in 2001.

On NextTrack, the market segment dedicated to Trackers - or exchange-traded funds - daily trading averaged €144.5 million in April 2002, compared with €138.6 million in the previous month, a rise of 4.3%. Globally, activity on NextTrack increased by 310.5% from April 2001. NextTrack was launched on 9 January 2001 and now counts 59 Tracker funds.

The Euronext 100 blue chip index was down 4.4% in April and the Next 150 index was down 2.1%.

As of 30 April 2002, the market capitalisation of the 1,555 companies listed on Euronext markets totalled €2,118 billion.

(source: Euronext)

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