Euronext confirms its leadership in Europe on trackers

Cash transactions grew by 3.6% in first half of 2002

For the first half of 2002 trades in cash products through Euronext market systems grew by 3.6% to 64,621,690 compared to the same period a year ago. Equities transactions increased by 5% in the first half of 2002 over the same period in 2001 totalling 60,331,734.

In June 2002 trades in equity products totalled 10,491,178, up 24.2% from June 2001 and up 7.3% from the previous month. Share trading through Euronext orderbook totalled €139.5 billion in June 2002, representing a daily average trading of €7 billion, up 10.2% from the previous month.

Trades in trackers increased by 83.5% in the first half of 2002 and by 54.6% from May 2002. In June daily trading averaged €161.8 million, up 25.4% from May 2002, making Euronext the leading European market for trackers with a market-share of 56.2%.

The Euronext 100 blue chip index and the Next 150 index were down 8.8% and 7.9% from May 2002, respectively.

As of 28 June 2002, the market capitalisation of the 1,545 companies listed on Euronext regulated markets totalled €1,866 billion.

Euronext.liffe derivatives trading grew by 25% in first half of 2002
Euronext.liffe, the derivatives business of Euronext, announced today that derivatives trading for the first half of 2002 grew by 25% to 353 million contracts over the same period in 2001.

Trading for the month of June, at almost 58 million contracts, was up 13% on June 2001. Average daily volume on Euronext.liffe, at over 2.9 million contracts during June, represents an underlying nominal daily value of over €660 billion.

Volume in all equity-based derivatives, at over 260 million contracts, was up 43% on the same period in 2001. Futures and options on individual equities were up 73%. Euronext.liffe’s short term interest rate products traded a total of 83 million contracts in the first half of the year, up by 11% on the first half of 2001.

Total open interest stood at 104 million contracts on 28 June 2002, up 49% on the end of June 2001.

(source: Euronext)

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