Eurocommercial Properties 2002 annual results

A year of solid growth in rents and values

The board of Eurocommercial Properties N.V. announced today that as a result of higher earnings in the financial year to 30 June 2002 it proposes increasing the Company’s annual dividend by 5% to E 1.40 per depositary receipt (10 ordinary shares) from E 1.33 in 2001.


Net income: increased by 10% to E 36.6m
Earnings per share: increased by 5% to E 1.40
Shareholders equity: increased by 18% to E 631m
Dividend per share: increased by 5% to E 1.40
Total assets: increased by 15% to E 1,217m
Net asset value per share: increased by 6% to E 22.09

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(source: Eurocommercial Properties)

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