eBay Real Estate records 15,000th property sold within its land marketplace

ItÂ's 'all in the family' for the seller of 160 acres in Wyoming, whose family-run business sells land exclusively on eBay.

It was announced today that Mr. Doug Caffey, founder of GotAcres.com, sold the 15,000th parcel of land within eBay Real EstateÂ's land marketplace. Leveraging the speed, reliability and exposure that eBay, offers, Mr. Caffey sold a 160-acre land parcel southwest of Casper, Wyoming to a buyer in Maryland.

'My family has been in the business of buying and selling land for over 35 years now - in an industry that previously relied only on telephones, newspaper ads and facsimile machines,' said Mr. Caffey of Costa Mesa, California. 'When you consider that selling is simply a percentage game; eBay is a sure bet because it provides instant exposure to millions of people - without regard to time of day - for only a few dollars a day. GotAcres.com now sells only through eBay because we can move more properties, for less expense and with higher returns.'

GotAcres.com is typical of many sellers that use eBay as a way to conduct business. Mr. Caffey and his family specialize in acquiring and selling large tracts of land at some of the lowest prices per acre in addition to offering seller financing.

Visitors to eBay Real EstateÂ's land marketplace can preview and purchase land from across the country. Landowners within the market can either post their property for sale as an auction or as an ad listing to generate referrals from interested parties.

Doug Galen, vice president of eBay Real Estate, Travel and New Business added, 'Without eBay, this marketplace could never exist, leaving millions of us city slickers without any way of ever knowing that there was that perfect piece of land just over the horizon.'

For more information about eBay Real Estate or its land marketplace visit www.ebayrealestate.com.

(source: eBay Real Estate)

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