Dutch houses worth substantially more

At the beginning of 2001 the average value of houses in the Netherlands was 133 thousand euro. In this year property values were based on the new reference date of 1 January 1999. Compared with the previous reference date - 1 January 1995 - average house values have risen substantially. The new evaluations which are used for income and property tax purposes, are 66 percent higher on average.

Largest value increase in North-Holland
The average value of a house in the province of Utrecht was 163 thousand euro in 2001. This is the highest of all provinces. The lowest average value is for houses in the province of Groningen: 87 thousand euro. The increase in average house values was largest in North Holland; in this province values increased by 82 percent to 144 thousand euro. The smallest increase was in the de province of Zeeland, 42 percent.

House values per municipality
Average house values have more than doubled compared with the previous reference date in 21 municipalities. In the municipality of Lith (North Brabant) the average house value increased by most: 145 percent. In the municipality of Oostburg (Zeeland) the increase was smallest: 23 percent.

The differences between average values per municipality are also large. In five municipalities houses are worth more than 300 thousand euro on average. In Blaricum and Bloemendaal the value is 372 thousand euro, in Laren 371, in Wassenaar 335 and in Rozendaal (Gelderland) 322 .

In nine municipalities the average house value was less than 80 thousand euro. In Reiderland (Groningen) house values are lowest on average: 70 thousand euro. The other eight municipalities are Leeuwarden (Friesland), Appingedam, Delfzijl, Eemsmond, Pekela and Groningen (Groningen), and Sas van Gent and Oostburg (Zeeland).

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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