Dividend-proposal Rodamco Asia adopted at AGM

At yesterdayÂ'Â's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Rodamco Asia N.V. the shareholders adopted the following dividend-proposal for the financial year 2001/2002: a cash dividend of EUR 0.48 per share and, in addition a stock dividend to be charged to the share premium reserve, the value of which will approximate EUR 0.74 per share.

As of Friday 21 June 2002, the shares of Rodamco Asia will be quoted ex-dividend. The dividend will be payable from 5 July 2002.

The shareholders also adopted a proposal by Rodamco AsiaÂ'Â's combined boards to change the Articles of Association of Rodamco Asia N.V. As a result of these changes a decision to introduce external management has to be jointly approved by the Management Board and Supervisory Board and also by the General Meeting of Shareholders, with a two/third majority of the votes cast, which votes have to represent more than 50% of the outstanding capital.

(source: Rodamco Asia)

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