DIM Vastgoed: direct investment result increases by 30% during first six months

DIM Vastgoed saw its result after tax increase by 29.83% to USD 3.937.724 during the first six months of 2002 compared to the same period last year. Annual direct yield now amounts to 10.54% (first haklf year 2001: 8.82%).

The result was mainly realized due to lower taxes and lower interest costs. It is expected that also during 2002 taxes will be neglible. Profit per share, calculated over the average outstanding shares, has increased by 24.56% to USD 0.71 (first half 2001: USD 0.57).

The real estate portfolio remained unchanged. The value of the portfolio has increased by 0.65% due to investments and revaluations and amounts to USD 240.1 mln. as per 30 June 2002 (31 December 2001: USD 238.6 mln.). Occupancy rate as per 30 June 2002 is 98.1%.

For more information please visit www.dimvastgoed.nl.

(source: DIM Vastgoed)

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