Delisting of Rodamco Asia from Euronext Amsterdam (NL)

Rodamco Asia NV announces today that, due to the fact that as of 31 May 2004, ING Real Estate Asia Investment BV has secured more than 95% of all issued and outstanding shares in the capital of the Company (‘the Shares’), Euronext Amsterdam has approved the Company’s request for definitive withdrawal of the Shares from Euronext Amsterdam.

As a consequence, the Shares will be delisted from Euronext Amsterdam as of today, 29 October 2004. The Shares are now exclusively listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Upon request from the Company, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has decided to delist the Shares from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange per 7 April 2005. The Shares can thus still be traded until 7 April 2005 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Source: Rodamco

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