Complete rejection of claims by Albada Jelgersma and Deminor against Laurus

This morning the Rotterdam Court rendered an immediate judgement
(‘Kort gedingÂ') on demands made by two holdingcompanies controlled by Mr. E.Th.A.C. Albada Jelgersma and Deminor Nederland B.V. against Laurus N.V. and the Stichting Administratiekantoor Laurus (trust office).

Deminor is a commercial consultancy firm, retained by Mr. Albada Jelgersma, which collects voting proxies for the annual meeting of June 28, 2002. The demands aimed for an extension of the term (which ends on June 21, 2002) during which holders of depositary receipts of Laurus shares could deposit these and apply for voting proxies for the annual meeting of shareholders scheduled June 28, 2002. Laurus herewith announces that these demands have been completely rejected by the court.

The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of Laurus have defended against the demands. The annual meeting of shareholders was convoked in accordance with the applicable rules in the articles of association, including the rules pertaining to the depositing of depositary receipts by holders thereof. Also the rules applying to the trust office in relation to the depositary receipts were complied with. It is in the interest of all stakeholders of Laurus, including the holders of depositary receipts, that all formalities pertaining to the annual meeting are strictly adhered to in order to avoid possible doubts afterwards with respect to the validity of resolutions of such meeting.

The deadline for the application for voting proxies to holders of depositary receipts which ends at Friday 21 June 2002, will remain unchanged.

Laurus N.V. regrets any possible uncertainty this court case might have caused to shareholders/holders of depositary receipts, employees and suppliers.

The trust office gives holders of depositary receipts the opportunity to request their voting proxy for the general meeting of shareholders by fax for the attention of the office of the executive secretary (fax +31 (73) 622 36 48). All information concerning the general meeting of shareholders is, since June 13th 2002, available on our website

The general meeting of shareholders will be held on Friday 28 June 2002 at the Netherlands Congress Centre, Churchillplein 10, The Hague. On the agenda of this meeting is amongst others the proposed transaction between Casino, Laurus and the Banks. Acceptance of the proposed transaction between Casino, Laurus and the Banks is at this moment the only possibilty to guarantee the continuity of Laurus N.V.

(source: Laurus)

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