CB Richard Ellis largest world-wide estate agent

With a turnover of € 1.5 bln., CB Richard Ellis is the world’s largest real estate agent. With these figures the real estate advisor passes Jones Lang LaSalle with a worldwide turnover of almost € 900 mln. On European level CB Richard Ellis is also in first place and Jones Lang LaSalle in second place.

The British property magazine Estates Gazette did a research into the sizes of the estate agents and put together a top 85. Only six of the companies are active in three continents, which gives them the label ‘global player’. CB Richard Ellis heads the worldwide operating top 5, with a turnover of € 1.5 bln. The gap with the number 2, Jones Lang LaSalle (turnover worldwide € 897 bln.) is large. Number 3 is Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker (turnover worldwide € 747 mln.). At number 4 is DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (turnover worldwide € 562 mln.) FPD Savills is the world’s number 5 with a turnover of € 466 mln.

The position of CB Richard Ellis has almost become untouchable since their takeover of Insignia. DTZ has become an important runner up on the global scale by consolidating the turnover of their American joint venture, DTZ Staubach Tie Leung.

On a European scale CB Richard Ellis and Jones Lang LaSalle are still at the top of the list, with European turnovers of respectively € 390 mln. and € 383 mln. Number 3 on European level is FPD Savills (European turnover € 338 mln.). DTZ Debenham Tie Leung is number 4 (European turnover € 302 mln.), while Atis Real Weatheralls completes the European top 5 with a turnover of € 302 mln.

Source: Estates Gazette

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