C€LOGIX Property Fund expands further in Spain (NL/ES)

Arlington Property Investors Europe B.V, part of Arlington Securities - the property services and property fund management company, on behalf of C€LOGIX Property Fund (C€LOGIX), has added a further investment to its portfolio in Spain with the purchase of a logistics facility in Polígono Plà de Santa Ana near Sant Fruitòs del Bagès, 55 km west of Barcelona, for € 11.76 million.

C€LOGIX is one of the leading European logistics property funds for international institutional investors and managed by Arlington Property Investors Europe BV. C€LOGIX invests in modern multi-functional logistics and distribution warehouses in Euroland. C€LOGIX has now invested € 332 million into properties in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. C€LOGIX´s objective is to grow to around € 400 million by the end of 2004.

The acquisition means that C€LOGIX now owns two properties in Spain adding to other investments in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. The new Barcelona facility consists of 19,675 m² of warehouse space and 500 m² of office accommodation, which is currently let to Hays Logistics Iberica, responsible for the distribution of food and consumer goods to 80 Carrefour supermarkets in the Barcelona region. The building is situated in an industrial park directly adjacent to the junction of the C-25, the main route from Perignan in France to Madrid and the C-58, the route from Barcelona to France via the Samport tunnel.

The EXA Real Estate office in Barcelona advised C€LOGIX on the acquisition.

Source: Arlington Property Investors

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