Bouwfonds establishes a Parking Property Fund, with operational support of VINCI Park (NL)

Bouwfonds Asset Management will launch the Bouwfonds European Real Estate Parking Fund early next year with the operational support of VINCI Park. Bouwfonds Asset Management will be the sponsor and manager of this fund. The fund will focus on investments in prime European car parks.

VINCI Park will act as an operator of the parking facilities but the funds’ relationship with the operator will be on a non-exclusive basis. The fund will be structured for international institutional investors and aims to generate solid and sustainable returns in international markets. The fund, with a target of investments of € 300 million, will consider acquiring parking facilities, either existing facilities currently owned by operators such as VINCI Park, or new facilities under development.

In recent years the quality of the parking business has risen to high standards and has come to offer high performing operators the opportunity to add substantial value to investments. The parking sector is currently attracting considerable attention from investors since the business is showing attractive returns and a low dependence on economic cycles.

Source: Bouwfonds

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