Bottlenecks in construction industry only increase

NVB insists on quick action

Developers and construction companies are increasingly confronted with bottlenecks which have a detrimental effect on productivity, according to a report by NVB.

The NVB insists with state secretary Remkes that quick action is required. Ever since the presentation of the report by the Taskforce Housing Production, there has been a 'deafening' silence.

Municipalities which take their time in making decisions, lengthy discussions with municipalities, ill-qualified civil servants and lenghty zoning plan procedures.

These issues cause a dramatic slowdown according to project developers and construction companies. The most important bottleneck during sales is the unfavorable price-quality ratio, mainly caused by excessive land prices, and the increase in construction costs during the realization of a project.

In its letter to the state secretary the NVB states that compared to last year the situation has deteriorated. Quick decisive action is therefore required. Â'As the present delays do not only result in a lower productivity but also in a less efficient process, which in turn results in an increase in costsÂ', according to the NVB.

(source: NVB)

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