Ballast Nedam's projects reach total amount of € 3 billion (NL)

The development division of the Dutch constructor Ballast Nedam is developing several ambitious projects with a total worth of approximately € 3 billion. In 2003, the total Dutch development division of Ballast Nedam, including the infrastructure division, generated a turnover of € 1.1 billion.

An important change in the new developments is that the constructor also intends to furnish maintenance and property support after the completion of the project. Accordingly, the company is extending its activities from a primarily executive constructor to a ‘full service’ company. Following British, Spanish and French competitors, other large constructors such as BAM, Heijmans and Volker Wessels have also implemented this strategic change.

One of the most prestigious projects that Ballast Nedam now has in its pipeline is a new scientific center in Nijmegen (NL) in the surroundings of the futuristic, still to be developed head office of Philips Semiconductors.

Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

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