Amsterdam Airport Area concludes new covenant (NL)

The Amsterdam Airport Area covenant, concluded by seven public and private partners ten years ago, was extended this week.

This successful regional cooperation in international marketing, promotion and acquisition now consists of ten partners: the City of Amsterdam, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Schiphol Area Development Company, Schiphol Real Estate, the Province of North Holland, ING Real Estate, KFN, the Amsterdam Port Authority, KLM and newcomer AM Vastgoed. These public and private parties will join forces again to put the Amsterdam Airport Area on the international map.

Amsterdam Airport Area
The aim of the cooperation is to position the Amsterdam Airport Area as one of Europe´s prime locations for foreign companies. AAA focuses on attracting new, international businesses and makes an effort to keep companies already established in the area. In 2004, for example, AAA was involved in attracting Docomo (Japan), MGM and General Electric Wind Energy (USA). Honda Nederland, Mexx, Burger King and Sixty also chose AAA as the location for their Dutch and/or international head office. Willem Trommels, chairman of AAA: “Amsterdam Airport Area has a lot to offer. We have good accessibility, international prestige and attractiveness. Together with the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, AAA is one of the most popular locations in Europe for international companies managing their European activities from a central location.” This is underlined by the fact that over 1100 foreign companies have already chosen to locate in the region.

Cluster approach
The cooperation of the parties is mainly expressed in joint activities such as international participation in trade shows, company visits, investment seminars, roadshows and organizing networking meetings and regional events for businesses located in the area. More cluster-specific activities will be undertaken in 2005. It has been proven that when companies and services are located in strong clusters, they are more competitive, perform better and reinforce their own product. This cluster strategy enhances AAA´s existing marketing policy and is characterized by an approach that is based even more on market demand in which governments, research and consultancy institutions, universities and private parties strengthen their own market through intensive cooperation. With this approach, AAA expects to be able to deal with strong competition within Europe.

To enforce the cooperation with the Amsterdam region, AAA works closely together with other organisations in city marketing and uses the motto ´I amsterdam´, devised to carry the Dutch capital´s new city marketing message.

Source: Amsterdam Airport Area

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