Zorlu Center draws great interest at MAPIC (FR/TR)

Zorlu Center, connecting two continents, creating a new city by bringing 5 different functions including residence, performance arts center, shopping center, hotel and offices; met the international investors at MAPIC, the biggest real estate and retail fair of the world. With its five-in-one feature, Zorlu Center became the center of attention at the international retail chains at the MAPIC Fair held at the Cannes Palais de Festival Fair Center between November 17-19th.


Didem Yanaray Tekeli-Marketing Manager, Emre Zorlu-Member of the Board of Directors, Irem Yucel Kaymak-Commercial Project and Leasing Manager, Bugra Devrimci-Real Estate Development and Operation Manager, Hayal Turkmen Yilmaz-Corporate Communications Specialist, Mustafa Bas-Real Estate Development Executive

Zorlu Gayrimenkul joined MAPIC with Zorlu Center project and hosted the representatives of the international retail chains in particular.

Zorlu Center's unmatched Shopping Mall center of attention
World's leading international retail chains showed great interest in Zorlu Gayrimenkul's stand and project, which was also visited by Zafer Caglayan, Turkish Minister of State. The firms willing to hold a place at Zorlu Center Mall, nearly competed with each other to meet Zorlu authorities.

The executives of Zorlu Gayrimenkul, stating that MAPIC, the single example of its type in the international retail and real estate market, aims to discover basic trends of the worldwide commercial real estate, said the followings about the extensive interest at MAPIC in the Shopping Mall of Zorlu Center:

"Zorlu Center is the single project in Turkey covering 5 functions. Our shopping center will become the new taste and fashion center and it will be established over an area of 100 thousand m² hosting around 200 prestigious stores. The reason of this extensive interest in our shopping mall project distinguishing it from other similar projects is related undoubtedly with the other 4 functions that complete it. None in Turkey is combined together with residence, performance arts center, hotel and office functions. These functions make Zorlu Center Mall a city square. For example, Zorlu Center Performance Arts Center with a capacity of 3,050 people, will host the most prominent shows of the world. Our residence apartments in harmony with the unique beauty of the Bosporus will unite domestic and foreign A+ population. The office function of Zorlu Center, similar with our residences, will serve again domestic and foreign prestigious companies. Our hotel function, with its unparalled Bosporus view at a meeting point of the business, finance, entertainment and art lives and in a quality that fits Istanbul, raises the Zorlu Center standards much further. The combination of all these factors naturally makes the Zorlu Center Shopping Mall the most special project of Turkey."

Zorlu Gayrimenkul executives underline the fact that the comb

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