Zeeman family disposes of its shares in Nieuwe Steen Investments (NL)

Nieuwe Steen Investments N.V. (NSI) announces that it has been informed by Messrs. J.R. Zeeman and J.Th. Schipper that all the NSI shares held by them, their children and their partners – including Ms. J.J.M. Reijnen – have been sold at a price of €22.24 per share to a Dutch subsidiary company of the Israeli Habas Group. Delivery of the shares will take place two weeks from Wednesday, 28 February 2007.

Ms. J.J.M. Reijnen, director of NSI.

Mr. Schipper have indicated that they see the sale of their shares as a separate issue from their position as directors of the company. Ms. Reijnen wishes to state that, contrary to suggestions in the media, she does not intend to leave the company. She is still motivated and enthusiastically involved in her job of ensuring a prosperous future for Nieuwe Steen Investments and its shareholders.

Mr. Zeeman has thought long and hard about his position as a shareholder since the Habas Group announced its intention to make a takeover bid for all the outstanding shares. Mr. Zeeman respects the opinion of every shareholder, but after the public offer did not succeed due to lack of interest, he has made a personal choice to sell the shares owned by him and his family privately.

The Zeeman family, as shareholders, can look back on a fantastic performance by NSI shares with pride and satisfaction. They very much hope this performance will continue in the future. In this context, Mr. Zeeman will continue to serve as the chair of the NSI supervisory board, as a member of the NSI investment board and as a director of Stichting Prioriteit NSI.

Source: NSI

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