YOUNIQ AG adopts new architectural concept for its ongoing expansion (DE)

YOUNIQ AG just introduced a new approach called 'YOUNIQ designed by Matteo Thun' as the company continues to expand.


With its new concept, YOUNIQ is seeking to obtain its first-time certification by the German Society for Sustainable Construction (DGNB).

Together with the internationally active architectural firm Matteo Thun & Partners, the company not only refined and upgraded the quality of its architecture, fit-out and style, but revamped its entire structural concept of student lifestyle projects. The new approach of YOUNIQ, Germany's biggest provider of student living, includes the use of modular construction and of timber as building material. The YOUNIQ projects on Schleissheimer Strasse and Georg-Wopfner-Strasse in Munich serve as prototypes of Matteo Thun's design and the modular construction method.

"The collaboration with Matteo Thun and the evolution of our product enhances the core of the YOUNIQ brand in regard to architecture and fit-out. At the same time, it enables us to consolidate our head-start on the market and our unique selling proposition in the real estate asset class of 'student living," said Rainer Nonnengässer, CEO of YOUNIQ AG. "The objective is to create a highly coveted product for the end customer whose quality and brand value will keep demand on a high level irrespective of local headline rents and supply."

Matteo Thun was involved not only in the re-launch of architecture and design, but consistently helped to develop the new structural concept of YOUNIQ: "We created an entirely new way of building that combines flexibility, quality, and efficiency. Adopting a holistic concept of architecture, interior, and product design has made it possible to create a modern, forward-looking domicile for students. Wood serves as principal construction material, and, being a renewable resource, it meets our requirements in regard to sustainable building," commented architect and designer Matteo Thun.

All future YOUNIQ projects will be realized as modular constructions, using wood as climate-neutral and recyclable resource. Timber makes the construction process not just considerably more efficient, but it also optimizes the environmental impact, conserves resources, and accelerates the construction process.

"Following in-depth analysis of the quotes received, and meetings with 31 suppliers from five different countries, we signed a long-term contract with the company MHn Modulholz GmbH," said Nonnengässer. As one of Germany's leading providers of timber construction and modules, the Schwalmtal-based company will serve as prime contractor for YOUNIQ AG. In addition to the turn-key construction of the above-surface storys in timber modules, the range of services to be performed by the company includes the completion of basements and underground car park in conventional construction, as well as the building fit-out, mechanical services and the complete furnishing of the apartments.

"The modular construction shortens the time to completion by up to 40%. This is in the best interes

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