YOUNIQ AG acquires second location in Munich (DE)

With the acquisition of a second plot in the campus town of Munich, YOUNIQ AG (formerly Alta Fides AG, renamed in mid-2009) is about to realize its ninth YOUNIQ project for student living in five different locations in Germany. The property is located in Munich's district of Freimann on Georg-Wopfner-Strasse, and is characterized superior infrastructural development with it direct underground access (U6 line) and ample retail opportunity in the surrounding area.


Construction of the 130 student apartments will start in early 2010.

"The start of the 2009/2010 winter semester showed yet another increase in the number of students enrolled in Munich," elaborated Rudolf Bartsch, Member of the Board of YOUNIQ AG. "At the same time, rent levels are higher here than anywhere else in Germany, with student housing for single-person households being virtually unavailable. Therefore we expect this as other YOUNIQ projects to meet with a high demand and to be fully let within a short period of time."

Construction of the 130 student apartments will start in early 2010. The apartments with a floor space of about 23 m² can be rented for an all-inclusive rent starting as low as €450. "All-in" means: There are no extra charges, while high-end furnishing and features as well as cable TV and a high-speed Internet connection are included. The investment volume approximates a total of €13 million; the gross floor space equals 5,955 m². "Together with our project in Milbertshofen, where construction will be underway before the end of the year, we will provide nearly 200 new apartments by the 2010/2011 winter semester," said Bartsch.

YOUNIQ AG developed the YOUNIQ brand as an alternative form of living that captures the spirit and the lifestyle of today's students: urbane, elegant living that is both pragmatic and affordable. YOUNIQ properties are conceptual real estate that provides its student tenants, in addition to high-end, full furnished apartments, with a diversified range of recreational activities, discounts on products and services as well as assisted living options – the campus world of 'YOUNIQ Welt.' The program's spectrum extends from a more affordable access to gyms, to hosted student parties, all the way to degree- and career-planning services.

Source: Business Network Marketing- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

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