XXI Century joins the Go Green National Campaign (UA)

XXI Century, a leading Ukrainian developer, has joined the Go Green National Campaign that has been initiated by UN Representative Office in Ukraine under the auspices of Global Compact. The objective of the Go Green campaign is to reinforce the role of the environmental protection within the context of the country's economic and social development. The Campaign is aiming to encourage behavioral changes vis-a-vis environment in Ukrainian society.

"XXI Century supported this important national campaign as it promotes the progress of society about ecologic awareness and is based on the same principles that we've implemented in our company's activities. Specifically, we find it important to preserve natural resources and aim at clear and safe environment", Dimitri Vasylev, Corporate Communication Director of XXI Century said.

Companies that have joined the Go Green initiative are convinced that environmentally friendly activities go beyond the organization's image and form a part of its direct responsibilities. XXI Century together with the other initiative participants undertook to improving its activities in the preserving natural resources and encouraging company's employees to apply ecologic principles in the everyday work.

"We will popularize this initiative among our partners and will actively share our experience with all the stakeholders", Dimitri Vasylev, Corporate Communication Director of XXI Century stated.

Source: XXI Century

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