World’s largest Comfort Hotel opens in Stockholm (SE)

World’s largest Comfort Hotel opens in Stockholm (SE)

Nordic Choice Hotels has opened its largest hotel, the Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden. Located between terminals 4 and 5, the scheme offers 503 rooms, Barception, where guests can order food, drinks and snacks around the clock, four meeting rooms, a gym, and a rooftop bar. 


"Comfort has an incredibly smart and modern concept with many good digital solutions," said Jostein Rajala, general manager, Comfort Hotel Arlanda Airport. "It will be extra exciting to follow our guests' digital journey, from booking their accommodation through our app or website to checking in and out through our self-service stations, and using their mobile phones as a door key."


The hotel is actively trying to counter food waste by using smaller plates, fruits and berries are made into smoothies, fish served is MSC labeled, palm oil is banned and there is no beef on the menu. Last year, the hotel removed all disposable plastic and the goal is for only 1% of everything consumed to go to incineration.


"It feels magical to stand here and finally see the hotel open," said Anna Spjuth, senior vice president, Comfort hotels. "This is the first major building block of many that we are laying right now as we are in an incredibly strong expansion phase and with several exciting projects underway. What makes me particularly happy is that more people will be able to discover and stay at Comfort hotels as our capacity increases by over 3,000 rooms within three years."


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