World Green Building Council invites BREEAM to join (EUR)

The World Green Building Council (WGBC) has invited BREEAM to join as a member. WGBC's invitation to BREEAM, the first and only non-Green Building Council invited to participate, acknowledges the important role BREEAM has played in driving the agenda for sustainable buildings over the past 20 years.

Martin Wyatt, chief executive of the BRE Group, said, "We are delighted to be invited to join the WGBC and welcome this move towards inclusiveness and partnership. We look forward to working together to drive international sustainability standards on a global basis."

ICSC members in Europe have worked with BRE Global to develop the pan-European BREEAM. The new pan-European BREEAM Retail certified the first projects this year and has now certified 95 shopping centres and retail developments throughout Europe, with another 1,400 retail property developments registered for assessment. For more information on BREEAM, visit their website at

Source: BRE

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