Woonbron and Heijmans sign Leerpark Dordrecht agreement (NL)

The housing corporation Woonbron is contracting Heijmans Property Development and Residential Development to build 123 apartments, 174 parking spaces and 2,400 m² of commercial space at Leerpark in Dordrecht.

On Wednesday September 22, both parties signed a purchase and building agreement, valued at approximately €22 million. The project is partly realized by an incentive grant provided by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Development and the Environment.

Of the 123 new apartments, 54 will be rentals with two rooms and a surface area of approximately 65 m². A few of these 54 will provide tenants care-services, provided by the Da Vinci College care education. The remaining 69 will be condominiums with three rooms and a surface area of approximately 85 m². All flats will be built in a square configuration above the multi-story car park. This creates a large inner garden in the center of the complex.

Vocational apprenticeship enterprises will be established on the ground floor of the building. This is entirely consistent with the vision for Leerpark, in which the interface between the business sector and education is a key theme. The City of Dordrecht, local entrepreneurs and the Da Vinci College together will initiate these commercial spaces.

Heijmans will start with the groundwork by mid-November, after which construction will officially start in December. Completion is targeted for the autumn of 2012.

Source: Heijmans

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