WIAR / Real Estate Solutions and Kalchas found WIAR / Organization Development (NL)

WIAR | Real Estate Solutions and Kalchas BV have founded WIAR | Organization Development BV as a reinforcement of the WIAR Group. WIAR provides support for organizations on the road to new ways of working and creates sustainable and innovative building, design and facility management concepts.

This new WIAR branch, with drs. Michael G.M. Geerdink CMC in the function of managing director, will be focusing on organizational advice related to housing and facility management. Providing organizational advice, support change processes and organizing tailored trainings will be the core business of WIAR | Organisation Development BV.

Michael Geerdink, former partner of Overmars Organisatie Adviseurs, is a member of the boards of Ewerkforum and SEV-Realisatie. He has been involved with social changes in the field of housing, E-work and E-life. He also lectures Strategy, Organization Sciences and Change Management on the Business Schools of The Hague and Utrecht. He has published numerous articles on changing organizations, office innovations and E-working. Furthermore he expresses his views on professional literature on change management in the professional journal Facility Management Magazine.

Source: WIAR

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