What’s Next? Retail Space Europe 2014 talks about the appeal of pop-up shops

‘The retail industry is changing’–this phrase has been on everyone’s lips for the last few years. With the Internet sweeping through the traditional retail world and a global recession that has shaken up all old-fashioned ways of thinking about pretty much anything, retailers and shopping centers might soon have trouble convincing consumers to leave the comfort of their couch for the good old bricks-and-mortar stores. In this new context, factors like surprise, fun and curiosity can really give a boost to traditional retail; and which format combines these better than a pop-up shop?

Attempting to answer the question ‘What’s next?’ for the retail sector, Europe Real Estate (REP) highlights the so-called ‘children’ of guerilla marketing: pop-up shops.

Learn more about the pop-up shop concept, find out how you can create a pop-up shop to fit your brand and read about the strategies adopted by leading companies. Retail Space Europe 2014, launched this week at MAPIC offers an in-depth view on ‘Pop-up shops: the cool factor in customer experience’.

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