What’s Next? Retail Space Europe 2014 explores omni-channel retail

The exponential growth of e-commerce is a secret to no one. However, even in mature markets it still only represents less than 10% of total sales. With an ever increasing number of consumers going online and the widespread use of tablet/mobile connectivity, retailers have been concentrating on finding ways to improve and diversify their sales and communications channels. Some of these ways include online retail platforms, social media, pop-up shops and more importantly, collecting data about their customers to be able to predict their shopping behavior and react faster.

In ‘Integrating the clicks and the bricks’, Europe Real Estate (REP) explores the changes brought by the digital revolution and highlights the fact that the future is omni-channel and not just online.

Read more about traditional stores, a ‘customized shopping experience’ and about the ways retailers are approaching the controversial omni-channel trend. Retail Space Europe 2014 will be launched next week during the MAPIC conference! The digital version of the book will be available in the webshop this week!

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