WDP acquires four sites in the Benelux for more than € 50 million (BE)

WDP wound up a number of purchase agreements with several professional real estate players for the acquisition of four sites in the core Benelux region, for a total amount of more than € 50 million. The transactions encompass the acquisition of two properties in Belgium and two in the Netherlands. Through these acquisitions, WDP expects to generate an overall rental income flow of €4.2 million.

These acquisitions were realized at prices in line with the fair value determined by independent real estate surveyors. 

WDP CEO Joost Uwents said  “The purchase of these different complementary sites strengthens and broadens our portfolio, as a result of which we can further anchor our position in the core Benelux market. In addition, we are supporting our 2013-16 strategic growth plan, in which 50% of the targeted growth has already been identified.”  

Source: WDP

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