Way is clear for modern sports arena and ECE shopping gallery in Hradec Králové (DE/CZ)

The Hradec Králové city council assembly has cleared the way for the development of a unique leisure and retail quarter: the delegates authorized the sale of the required properties to ECE, thus paving the way for the realization of a leisure center that will benefit the town's inhabitants and the entire region.

On one part of the site, the town is investing in the construction of a multi-functional arena which will provide a sound basis for the promotion of professional soccer in Hradec Králové. Further sports and leisure facilities will emerge on the remaining areas of the site as well as the shopping and leisure gallery Arkády Hradec Králové developed by ECE.

"The decision of the city council assembly represents both a great honor and a responsibility for our company," says Josef Tobek, Manager of ECE Projektmanagement Praha. "It is our objective to create a modern and dynamic urban space for the town of Hradec Králové which combines the multiple functions of sports, culture, entertainment, leisure and shopping."

The soccer association FC Hradec Králové should be celebrating its premiere in the new stadium in 2012. The opening of the shopping gallery is scheduled for 2013.

The multi-purpose arena, matching highest European standards, can be fully covered and offers space for up to 14,000 spectators. The arena will be complemented by additional sports fields and training facilities which will be accessible to professional athletes as well as the general public.

The shopping gallery Arkády Hradec Králové will form the economic mainstay of the project known as Park Malsovice. The modern gallery will host 130 shops and will offer a wide variety of cultural and social activities.

Source: ECE

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