VDHG invests in a 19th-century five-star hotel (PL/DE)

The five-star Hotel Römerbad in Badenweiler throughout its long history traditionally known as the 'Cultural Residence' has been purchased by the Von der Heyden Group.

It is stunningly located at the hill of the Castle Square and surrounded by 25,000-m² owned park and forests overlooking the French Vosges Mountains, Rhein intervale and the Old Town of Badenweiler in the Markgräfler Region, Germany. Basel and Mulhouse are only a 20-minute drive away.

After the Grand Hotel Lublinianka in Lublin, the renovation project of the historic Menorquin Mansion named Cugó Gran (opening in 2010), this acquisition shows once again the Group's enthusiasm for unique and unrepeatable buildings.

The Hotel Römerbad first opened its doors in 1825. It was owned by four generations of Johann Jacob Joner's family who immigrated to Badenweiler from Switzerland. Throughout the years, the building was a few times reconstructed according to a design of an eminent Swiss architect Horace Edouard Davinet and developed into an impressive four-wing extensive premises with a roofed inner patio, concert chamber, mansard roofs, towers, balconies and an ornamental facade.

Due to the Hotel's exceptional character and inspiring atmosphere, many cultural events, exhibitions and festivals of classical and modern art and music found their home in the 'Cultural Residence'. 'Music Days in Römerbad' started by Klaus Lauer in 1973 have become an annual event until today, as well as 'Literature Forums in Römerbad'.

Von der Heyden Group have purchased the Hotel Römerbad from Mr Karl-Heinz Berkner who owned the Hotel since 2005. He once came to Badenweiler to heal his broken hand with thermal waters and together with Mrs Brigitte Leitner saved the Hotel from insolvency, after the building went into serious financial problems following the death of the Joner's family. Between 2005-2009 thorough renovation works were conducted and reached €4 million. The Hotel Römerbad was promoted from 'First Class Superior' to 'Luxury Class'.

After the transaction, Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group said: "Like with any transaction, we thoroughly checked the past and the potential future of this stunning hotel property. The due diligence took longer than normal and also financing was not an easy task, as one can imagine. But we delivered, thanks to our excellent performance in Germany both on residential and hotel financing, and that is what counts. The Hotel enjoys very healthy room rates, has an excellent kitchen and huge potential for guests, who wish to relax, heal their pain or soul or celebrate small conferences. As owners of the property we now have to dedicate an enormous amount of time and passion and I am delighted, that IBB Hotels now operates its third Hotel in my home country Germany".

He added: "What is most importantnow is to find the right balance between treating the existing guests as ever, who enjoy the lovely service of the hotel, and to promote the hotel in new markets which have not yet been discovered".

Starting from October 1, 2009, the Hotel Römerbad will be managed by the IBB Hotels, a Spanish origin hotel chain that has been now successfully operating for some 17 years on the Spanish, Polish and German markets.


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