VastNed Offices/Industrial and NSI start negotiations (NL)

International real estate investor VastNed Offices/Industrial (VNOI) announces that negotiations have started about a possible legal merger with Nieuwe Steen Investments (NSI).

This step can now be made, after parties have used the previous period for a commercial due diligence and discussions about this.

VNOI has compiled an agenda of subjects which will come up for discussion during the negotiations in the coming period. A specific time frame is not announced.

As during the entire process VNOI will have a constructive attitude and continue to have an open dialogue with NSI. VNOI will obviously exercise the largest possible carefulness and emphatically consider the interest of its shareholders.

VNOI emphasizes that expectations cannot be build upon this and earlier announcements and that there is no guarantee whatsoever that a transaction will occur.

Source: VastNed Offices/Industrial

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